Avi Nesher


Avi Nesher's award-winning films have played a major part in Israeli cinema's rise to prominence during the last decade. During that period, remarkably enough, four Israeli movies were nominated for Best Foreign Picture. During that era Nesher was singled out and honored several times as one of Israel's all-time greatest filmmakers.In 2008, Nesher received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. In 2009, he received the Cinematic Excellence Award at the Haifa Film Festival and a star on the Avenue of the Stars, an honor rarely bestowed on directors. In 2010 Nesher received the prestigious Landau Award for Excellence in the Arts.That year, Nesher's "The Matchmaker", which premiered as an official selection at the Toronto Film Festival and later on that year won the Silver Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. "The Matchmaker" was nominated for nine Israeli Academy Awards (including Best Picture) and won three, including Best Actor and Best Actress.

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