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Aurélien Gaya was recently cast in Damien Chazelle movie First Man to play a French reporter of the famous France Presse agency (AFP). He also starred as a tennis player coach in the HBO TV show Divorce of Sarah Jessica Parker. Aurelien is an actor born on June 20, in Brest, France. After a few years of actor training in Paris, working on short films, a television pilot, commercials, theater, modeling, and even as an on-set crew member, Aurélien got his first big break in the Shakespearean-inspired Italian feature film, "Iago," to play the lead role of "Othello." Next, he starred in the Italian film "Henry," directed by Alessandro Piva. "Henry" won the Public Award at Torino Festival. He moved to the US in 2011 first in Los Angeles where he trained the Meisner technique (Playhouse West), worked on the SYFY show Face Off and booked a role on ABC show How to live with your Parents(...). And then, in New York and under the actor-training of Anthony Abeson. Some also recent work was on Valerian and(...) of Luc Besson (2017). Born from an African father (Togo, West Africa) and a French mother (Brittany, France). Aurélien is the second of five children in the family. He grew up in a small town called, Le Relecq-Kerhuon. After years of traveling and working various jobs, he stopped in Nantes, France and was accepted into the University of Nantes as a Literature major. During his time at the University, he attended an open audition for short film and booked a part in the film. The acting bug bit him hard, and he started thinking of seriously pursuing it as a lifelong career. After studying at the University, Aurélien moved to Paris, France to continue his acting training and pursue acting as a career. He began his training at the Actors Studio Paris under the artistic direction of Joël Bui, at the theatre company TMMT with Eduardo Galhos, and several other acting workshops in both France and London. In Los Angeles he studied the Meisner Technique for 2 years. In New York where he resides now Aurelien is training at AMWA the Anthony Meindl's studio and at SBS the Susan Batson studio.

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Yıl: 2017 | IMDB: 2239822

Ülke: Fransa, Çin, Belçika, Almanya, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, ABD
Aka: Valerian ve Bin Gezegen Imparatorlugu
Tür: Aksiyon, Macera, Kurgu, Bilim Kurgu
Yönetmen: Luc Besson,
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