Arthur Hailey

1920 - 2004

Born April 5, 1920 in Luton, England, Arthur Hailey decided to become a full-time author in 1956 following the success of his original television drama Encounter: Flight Into Danger (1956). For the next few years, he wrote teleplays for such legendary dramatic series as Playhouse 90 (1956), Kraft Theatre (1947), The United States Steel Hour (1953), "Goodyear-Philco Playhouse" (1955)_ and Studio One in Hollywood (1948). Soon after, Hailey became a novelist. "Flight Into Danger" was adapted as a novel, "Runway Zero-Eight" (1958). In 1959, "The Final Diagnosis" became his second bestseller and, in 1961, "In High Places" became his third.It took Hailey four years to write his next novel: "Hotel" (1965), which remained on the national bestseller lists for a full year. "Airport" (1968) did even better. It was on the national lists for over a year, staying in the number one spot on The New York Times bestseller lists for an incredible 30 weeks. "Wheels" (1971), "The Moneychangers" (1975) and

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Studio One in Hollywood

Yıl: 1948 | IMDB: 0040051

Ülke: ABD
Aka: Studio One Summer Theatre, Studio One in Hollywood, Summer Theatre, Westinghouse Studio One, Westinghouse Summer Theatre
Tür: Drama
Yönetmen: Paul Nickell,Franklin J. Schaffner,Tom Donovan,Allen Reisner,Robert Mulligan,
Oyuncular: Betty Furness, Paul Branson, Paul Brenson, Mary Sinclair, Maria Riva, Charlton Heston, James Daly, Richard Purdy, Leslie Nielsen, John Cannon, Felicia Montealegre, John Baragrey, Judson Laire, Peg Hillias, Harry Townes,