Arlette Torres


Born to a French (Martinican) mother and a Venezuelan A list actor, José Torres, from an early age Arlette found herself immersed in the country's artistic scene. She began her professional work playing theatre for children and as a storyteller.In 2002 Arlette graduated from Venezuela's National Theatre Company's Acting Program, where she learned the art of physical theatre. In 2005 she moved to Spain - where she currently resides - and took Film Interpretation Courses at the Instituto del Cine in Madrid.She has continued her training in theatre and in "acting for the camera" workshops with prestigious mentors as John Strasberg, Fernando Colomo, Beto Benites, Jose Sanchis Sinisterra, Rosa Estevez, Will Keen, Fernando Piernas, Tazmin Townsend, Tapa Sudana, Carlos Cueva, Piotr Borowski, among others.She has enjoyed a diverse film, theatre and TV career in Europe and Latin America collaborating with -and learning from- international directors.Thanks to her role in Margarita Cadenas' film

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