Anton Poriazov

Anton Poriazov was born on April 05 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Child to a Bulgarian mother - Antoanela Poriazova (a beautician). Currently he studies a bachelor in acting at the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts (NATFA), in MASTERCLASS of Prof. Stefan Danailov. Before that he graduated Drama Theater School (acting for stage) again at the National Academy For Theater And Film Arts, and acting for screen at New Actors Film Generation. He has also studied in (AMAW) Antony Meindl's Actor Workshop.Anton played one of his first roles "Husky" in a Bulgarian TV series Shmenti Capeli - The Legend. It was not long after that he got an episodic role in foreign English-Italian production Index Zero, starring lead actor Simon Merrells known from productions like Spartacus: War of the Damned, Family Affairs, Silk and others. In the movie A Passage to Hell directed by Danny Lerner Anton plays an American US Army soldier named ERIC and there he partners with the leading actor Dylan Bruce known

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