Annie Thurman

Annie Thurman had grown accustomed to the simple life that Tennessee offered her but there was more for this young red head who had stars in her eyes and a zealous heart for life. One day after performing in a school play, she decided that she wanted to pursue acting as a career a little further. So at age 13, she enrolled in classes and workshops some of which were at the The Actors School in the in Franklin, Tennessee. It was through these workshops that she met her future manager and agent. They encouraged her to go out to Los Angeles to learn more about the business and "test the waters". At the age of 14, things started happening for Thurman when she got the role of Cora in the post-apocalyptic film, "Falls the Shadow". Shortly thereafter, she was cast as the female Tribute from District 9 in "The Hunger Games" alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson, and Liam Hemsworth. That became the springboard to launch her role in the supernatural thriller, "Dark Skies" in 2013. Thurman

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