Angarag Davaasuren

Angarag Davaasuren is a Cinematographer and Content producer. He is graduate of the Beijing Film Academy in 2008. His work in cinematography includes the multi-award winning "Thief of the Mind" (2011), historical epic "Warrior Princess"(2014) and "Golden Treasure"(2016). Both were box office successes. He won Best Cinematography for "Thief of the Mind (2011) at the Mongolian Academy Awards in 2012, nominated Best Cinematography for "Warrior Princess"(2014) at the Mongolian Academy Awards in 2013, "Golden Treasure"(2016) at the Mongolian Academy Award in 2016. He was also awarded the Mongolian Government honored title "Mongolian Cultural Top Artist" (CTA) for his body of work in the rapidly expanding Mongolian Film Industry.Now, Angarag Davaasuren is Chief Executive Officer of Mongol Film Group® Los Angeles Branch. Board member of the Mongol Film Group® and Mongol Film Development Foundation®Mongol Film Group® (MFG), a producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, a leading content

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