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( 59 yaşında 1.77 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Andrea Prodan Tarihi: 16/11/1961 Yeri: Roma, Lazio, İtalya

Kısa Biyografi

Spent the first ten years of his life between Rome and Etruscan Tarquinia. His father was an expert in Chinese Art, and had produced and directed in Cinecittá, in the 50s. His parents met in China, where his (Scottish) mother and two sisters were born. With Mao Tse Tung's arrival his family moved to Italy in 1948. Andrea attended two schools in England, and was Choir Leader at The King's School, Canterbury, Kent until... his voice 'broke'. He also acted in several plays. Was one of two punks in school, in 1976. In 1982 worked as production 'runner' on Peter Yates' sci-fi movie "Krull". Later that year was Sound Assistant on "The Vatican Story", a TV film with Gregory Peck. Returned to Britain for less than a year at Exeter University, where he bought a cheap Agfa 'Super 8' camera and moviola. After shooting a series of experimental shorts in celluloid he 'dropped out' of University and 'dropped in' to "Anno Domini", a mini-series with all-star cast, being shot in Tunisia over a 15 month period. There he acted as clapper-loader for renown Italian Cinematographer Ennio Guarnieri, due also to his bi-lingual skills, and to his particular interest in Cinematography. Ironically, Stewart Cooper, the movie's director ended up casting him alongside Ava Gardner and Fernando Rey as Emperor-to-be Brittanicus.A short movie, which Prodan directed and shot in the Sahara, received the I.C.A. short-film festival main prize in London in 1984. On returning to Italy he was cast in a lightweight holiday caper "Giochi d'Estate", and later that year as 'Joseph Benno' in Liliana Cavani's controversial "Berlin Affair". His acting career has included work with Peter Greenaway, The Taviani Brothers,Emanuele Crialese, Alex Infascelli, Gianni Amelio, amongst others.The Director Ana Gerschenson asked Prodan to compose the music for her award-winning documentary on the 'cartoneros' phenomenon: "Caballos en la Ciudad". He also co-composed the music for the film "El Jardin Primitivo" directed by Mario Gomez.Andrea Prodan currently lives in Buenos Aires and Cordoba (Argentina). He is the father of three children. His very 'original' record "Viva Voce" (A.C.E. Prize in 1996) has been praised by Peter Gabriel. He leads a rock group called "Romapagana",also an unusual Vocal Trio called 'Maltratan Hamsters' and is currently conducting a radio program and pursuing his film acting. Danish Film Director Jannik Splidsboel shot an exquisite documentary on his life and family over April-June 2006. Prodan's own much awaited documentary: "Dirty Fingernails: The Cinema of Piero Stamij" is still in progress....

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