Amy Lyndon

Amy Lyndon has been entertaining the public since the age of 10. Having grown up in New Rochelle, New York, formal training was as easy as jumping on a train. During her senior year, Lyndon studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse Jr. School in New York City and went on to England to tackle the prestigious London Academy of Performing Arts. After earning her BFA from Syracuse University, Lyndon studied with Stella Adler, Harry Mastrogeorge, The Groundlings, CBS Comedy On The Lot, International Blend Comedy Troupe with Rick Overton and did Stand-Up at The Comedy Store.Lyndon has 40+ films to her credit, some including; "1 Interrogation" with Tom Arnold, "The UnMiracle" with Stephen Baldwin, "Loves Park," "Alison's Choice," "How To Beat A Bully," "And They're Off" with Sean Astin, the LionsGate Feature Films: "B.T.K," "Bram Stoker's: Dracula's Guest." "Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck" and "Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield." She also Starred in Chris Pratt's first film "Cursed Part 3," Wri

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