( 1929 - 2013 )

( 84 yaşında öldü )

Doğum Adı: Alfred Irwin Shapiro Tarihi: 06/06/1929 Yeri: Brooklyn, New York, ABD

Ölüm Tarihi: 12/04/2013 Yeri: Carmel, Kaliforniya, ABD Sebebi:

Eşleri: Lori ( -)   ,

Kısa Biyografi

Alfred Shelly was born Alfred Irwin Shapiro in Brooklyn on June 6, 1929. He attended high school in Venice (CA), before he moved to Studio City (CA).In 1978, Al and his wife Lori moved to Big Sur (CA) and continued to work as an actor in film and television. He was a regular on [liunk=tt0043194], and his credits include Adam-12 (1968), Mannix (1967), 77 Sunset Strip (1958), and many, many more. He made his last film, The Gumball Rally (1976) in 1976.Alfred Shelly was a seasoned combat veteran with the 7th Cavalry in Korea, and was awarded many medals for his service.Al spent his last years living in Carmel, CA and died in April 2013 (aged 83), surrounded by friends.

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