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Alexandra Yacovlef is the CEO of Little Studio Films.She started in the Entertainment business in the early eighties in film financing with Studios such as Columbia and Universal and acted as a consultant for the department of film financing at Smith Barney.In 1984 she represented International distributors in the USA from 11 different countries. Her fluency in 5 languages and financial experience helped her clients close deals acquiring over 100 films both most of which became worldwide successes.In 1989 she founded her own sales company Axelia International Pictures selling over 27 films to profit and attending all major film markets and Festivals.In 2000 she created Little Studio Films with the intent to incorporate all Entertainment activities under one roof like in the old Studio system.Today Alexandra is involved mostly in the consulting and representation of several high profile International distributors, producers and Entertainment companies structuring financial deals, co-productions, packaging and or sales of International and US film properties.Alexandra was the Executive Producer of Stealing Roses (2012) selling with WFE, Produced Return to Happiness (2013) which Little Studio Films selling, produced Ice Scream (2014) after having acquired the rights of the well known Italian short by the same name. She also brokered the worldwide distribution deal of Duran Duran's Unstaged directed by David Lynch and optioned the rights of the best selling book The Gang of Dreams by Luca di Fulvio for an 10 hour miniseries to be produced together with producer Jan Fantl.Alexandra worked with all major International Banks and all majorEntertainment companies Studios and distributors.

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