Alex Molina

A native New-Yorker (born in Spanish Harlem, raised in the Bronx) Alex Molina has worked in the Film & Television industry for 30+ years.At the age of 14, after seeing the shows of celebrity magicians David Copperfield and Harry Anderson, he became a Stand-Up Comedy Magician & began performing open-mike nites at the local comedy-clubs.Once in college, having met then-student actor Wesley Snipes who came to see one of Alex's shows where he performed several original sketch-comedy characters, Snipes encouraged him to join the university's Acting program - Alex caught the acting bug immediately.Frustrated by the lack of roles for "heavyset Hispanic males" to audition for, Alex was inspired to do his own one-person show when he was amazed by John Leguizamo's very first one-person show "Mambo Mouth."After several callback-auditions for Saturday Night Live, he saw another amazing one-person show - the Broadway debut of Whoopie Goldberg - that inspired him to continue pursuing his dreams.Alex

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