Alan Donnes

A native of New Orleans, Alan began his entertainment career as a comedian before acting in "bad dinner theatre". After tiring of bad roles and worse rolls, he returned to the stand up circuit. His dry humor and fashionable wardrobe made him one of the most sought after opening acts in the business. Although he opened for acts including Melissa Manchester, Crystal Gayle, Air Supply and the Original Temptations, he rarely got the chance to shine solo. Comedians including Elaine Boosler, Sam Kinison, and Bobby Slayton requested his talents frequently, solo time was rare. After appearing on Showtime Comedy Club Network and several other cable shows, Donnes entered The Johnny Walker Red Comedy Search. Although one of 5 finalist (out of 6000 comics), he retired from stand up again. Alan Donnes jumped to radio starting a sports network covering the NFL. Quickly his network grew to be one of the largest covering the league. On a lark, he covered a boxing event in Las Vegas and with great comi

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