Alan Blumenfeld


A devoted Angelino, a native New Yorker (well...actually, Long Islander), Alan is proud that for the past 40 years, he has appeared in the homes and on the screens of people all over the United States and in the world.In college, at Sarah Lawrence among the first 3 classes of men admitted to the school, Alan studied with Charles Carshon as well as with Irene and Sonia Moore in New York City. While at Sadie Lou, Alan also worked with Will Leach, John Braswell and Julie Bovaso, all renowned NY Theater artists and all sadly no long with us.For graduate school, Alan attended the American Conservatory Theater during the glory days of William Ball, Allen Fletcher and Ed Hastings. Graduating with the first class of MFA artists in 1977, Alan met his wife the amazing Katherine James and together they founded Free Association Theater creating theater in SF Bay Area and in Los Angeles once they moved in 1982.Alan is one of the most recognized and hardest working character actors in the business;

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