Alaa Safi


Alaa was born and raised in France to Moroccan parents. He started practicing Taekwondo as a child. At the age of 18 he's a high level martial artist with several international titles, including Taekwonmudo World Champion in 2002. His acrobatic and fighting skills take him to Thailand, where he trains with a professional stunt team for two years. Back in Paris, he attends the "International Theater School of Blanche Salant & Paul Weaver". Meanwhile, he starts working as an actor and pursues a regular training, following acting and physical theater workshops (e.g. led by Jack Waltzer, and Julie Stanzak from Pina Bausch's company).Since the age of 21, Alaa was cast for action films like "Traitor", dramas ("Pour elle", "Un baiser papillon") and romantic comedies ("Le Missionnaire", "10 jours pour s'aimer", "Nous trois ou rien", "Dare to be wild"). His diversified yet young experience got him to face his childhood's hero in a duel. He is cast as Jackie Chan's antagonist in "Chinese Zodiac

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