Al Gomez


A veteran of the Entertainment Industry, Al Gomez has worked as a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor in Feature Films, Television, and Commercials.With blind ambition, Al secured an acting role in his first film, a take-off of the action classic Easy Rider (1969) called the Hi-Riders (1978). In his commercial acting work, he also had the opportunity to perform for international commercial companies such as Sunkist-Japan, Singapore Airlines, as well as in a number of domestic commercials.During this time period, Al discovered an innate storytelling ability, and an acuity for the filmmaking process. He wrote his first screenplay, a teen comedy called Arcade. Al approached a Producer who had started him in the business, and asked if he would be interested in the script. Lo and behold, the Producer read, liked it, and within a matter of months, Arcade was re-written into the teen comedy Joysticks (1983). It turned out to be one of the top independent hits of the 1980s as its opening wee

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