( 1994 - )

( 27 yaşında 1.61 m boyunda )

Doğum Adı: Airi Suzuki Tarihi: 12/04/1994 Yeri: Gifu, japonya

Takma İsimler: Ai-chan, Airiin, Osuzu, MC Kappa

Kısa Biyografi

Airi was born in Gifu to 2 golf players on April 12, 1994 but grew up in Chiba. She first came to people's attention as 1 of the members in the Hello! Project Kids pop group, the lead vocalist of the band's off-shoot idol girl group C-ute, as a member of Aa! & as member of another follow-up group, Buono!. Upon the dissolution of those bands, she launched a solo career. She had joined Hello! Project in 2002 & appeared in the film Mini Moni Ja Movie: Okashi Na Daibooken! During this period, she was more or less a regular on Japanese TV, issued a dozen photo books & even sketched a manga. C-ute was chosen as the Best New Artist Award at the Japan Record Award in 2008. That was also the year that she began acting on TV & movies. She was a central schoolgirl character in Osama Gemu. In 2015, she branched out & become a model for Ray magazine. She also had her own radio show, Airi's Potion. During this time, she was studying at Keio University in Tokyo, graduating w/ a degree in environmental studies 2017. While modeling, she announced her solo debut album, Do Me a Favor (Sic), in April 2018. She also announced accompanying singles, videos & a tour. In 2019, she worked on more modeling.She's known for her multiple talents, figure & hair. Like most celebrities, she has pushed corporate products, most notably fronting for Japan's biggest pizza chain Pizza-la. She has also represented Chiba Prefecture Red Cross. During 2018, 1 could obtain a free poster of her by donating blood.

Son Güncelleme Tarihi: 12-08-2021

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