Aimee Stolte

Aimee Stolte was born in Buffalo, New York and at 7 years old moved to Canada where she and her family, one brother and two sisters, grew up. Stolte spent most of her years growing up in Saskatoon, SK, where she also obtained her Bachelors of Commerce. She lived in Calgary, AB and Vancouver, BC until making the move to Los Angeles.Ready for anything, Aimee's talent was fully tested on "Wounded" the feature film she starred in, as a lawyer and an emotionally abused wife in a long, failing marriage to a husband who won't 'man-up'. Prepping for the whirlwind feature shoot, Aimee memorized huge chunks of dialogue, adapted to a last-minute change of leading men, and jumped headfirst into an emotionally intense role with co-star Aleksandar Popovic for 14-hour days of dramatic domestic warfare. "It was sixty pages of dialogue and a week shoot. It was a really emotional, magical project."

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