Ahmed Malek

Ahmed Malek Mostafa(born 29 September 1995) is an Egyptian actor. He is best known for his role as the young "Hassan El-banaa" in (El-Gama'a : The Brotherhood) series , "Ahmed" a stammered and addicted teenager in (ma'a sabk el-esrar : With premeditation ) series and "Adham" a womanizer troubled teenager in (hekayt hayat : hayat's tale ) series.Ahmed started his career when his uncle took him for his first audition to perform in commercials when he was 8 In 2005 Malek got his first role as an actor in "Ayamna el helwa: " series,few years later he performed small part in "Mafish Fyda : " movie starring " Mostafa Amar" and "Basma " ,he also performed the title character 'Mohanad' in a short movie named " we all one : kolina zy ba3d " . In 2010 Executive director "Osma Farid " asked Malek to audition for the role of young " Hassan Elbanaa " for "The Brotherhood : El Gama'a " series to rose to prominence as the young "Hassan Elbanaa " The founder of The Muslim brotherhood and the title cha

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