Ahmed Lucan

Ahmed Lucan set out to explore the world of performing arts in 2001. Born in South Asia, with a rich traditional culture, he never expected to have the opportunity to fulfill his dream professionally. He began his career in the south, surrounded by his family and friends. Since childhood, he was amazed at the world of Indian cinema. In 1998, Ahmed was inspired by his icon Shahrukh Khan, a Bollywood film star, while modeling for a boutique at a concert. He focused on the continued successes of minorities in Hollywood and began to realize his potential in the arts as he joined various acting courses.Ahmed graduated with a BBA in finance and management, with a minor in accounting from Mercer University. He believes that versatility in languages equals success as the industry becomes more global. As a result, he has mastered 5 languages including English, Punjabi, Gujrati, Urdu and Hindi. He is also proficient in Spanish. Ahmed's athletic figure partially comes from his love to play soccer

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