Adriana DeMeo

Adriana DeMeo was born in Brooklyn, New York by Italian immigrant parents. Her father, Luca, came over from a small country town in Italy in search of a better life with his parents and 7 of his brothers and sisters. Once Luca got started working a job mixing cement, he flew back to marry Adriana's mother, Antonietta. She was 17 years old. Adriana's first language was Italian until her mother started taking night classes to learn English after the family transferred to New Jersey. She and her family continually visit their close knit relatives in Italy to this day. Adriana grew up taking dance classes but when she entered Howell High School, a performing arts high school offering video, dance, and theatre, she bit the bullet and decided to audition for both dance and acting. She was accepted into both and was pushed by her mother and sister to take the dance program but her instinct told her to try out acting. During her time in this program, she played several leads including Helen Ke

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