Adam Stephen Kelly


Originally a journalist, Adam was first published at age 16 while attending Steyning Grammar School in West Sussex, England, contributing articles to a local newspaper. A handful of years later, he was an established writer, contributing to the likes of Ain't It Cool News, Rolling Stone and GQ. As he continued to write about cinema, Adam changed direction, deciding to focus on filmmaking. He produced a number of independent features in the years before his award-winning directorial debut, Done In, wowed international critics ahead of its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Following such acclaim, which led to the film being featured on ITV's Good Morning Britain, it was released in June 2015 to further praise on Crypt TV, the genre movie network founded by renowned filmmaker and actor Eli Roth.Following the success of Done In, he returned to the director's chair in April 2015 on the crime thriller Kill Kane, starring Vinnie Jones. That same month, Done In concluded its

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