Adam James Mawson

Adam James Mawson was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. He is known for Abduction short film (2015) and screen writer for Abduction. He has been married to Lindsey Claire Hill-Mawson since 2008. They have one child.When Adam was young, he used to make short films with his dad's video camera in the summer holidays and learnt do to his own special effects on a computer. He got more enjoyment out of movies than anything in the world they took him to a different place.Adam's parents saw his potential from a young age and were always supportive of what he wanted to do. through the years Adam went from making short films to becoming a TV & film extra to learn more about the industry that he was growing to love.After attending the Bradford film summit, An BAFTA award-winning guest speaker said it was "impossible" to create a short film with no help. Adam said: "He told us that if you tried doing everything yourself in regards to making a short film, it's impossible and can't be done." Tha

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