Adam Bradley

Born in Vancouver, B.C., Adam Bradley has worked and trained as an actor all over the world -Vancouver, Berlin, Prague, Denmark, Serbia, Bali, Norway, and Toronto - but now calls New York home.Originally intending to be an academic, Adam earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of McGill and continued on to an M.A. at the University of British Columbia. While at U.B.C., his passion for photography led him onto film sets as a stills photographer. Inspired by the documentary Visions of Light, he shifted his focus to cinematography and started working as a lighting technician in the fall of 1997. Over the next three years he worked on everything from no-budget student productions to major studio pictures, doing everything from lighting, gripping, camera, sound recording, writing, producing, and directing.In 2001, while living in Prague, he accidentally found himself acting in a sketch comedy show;the experience moved him so profoundly that he knew he had found his calling. This is

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