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Doğum Adı: Abe Pagtama Tarihi: 01/01/1970 Yeri:

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Abe Pagtama, started taking acting classes, in the early 1970's after he serve in the US Air Force, using his GI Bill, he Attented Theater Of Arts, and Strassberg Acting Academy in LA. After that, he started doing Small Theater, in LA, during that time, he also start doing atmosphere work, during the Black Explotation Movies. He even work in a Roger Corman Movies. after that he went back to the Service, this time the US Army.He did not get back in acting until early 1980's this time again doing extra work, with Central Cating, he was a regular extra, in General Hospital, Cagney and Lacy and also was cast in TV show, and finally able to join AFTRA and SAG, when Gary Shandling send him a script, to be a principal in a TV show.Again he quit acting for 10 years, until he was cast in a feature movie called, " Flip Side" Directed by Rod Pulidoin 1999, the 1st FilAm movie that was accepted in Sundance Film Festival. He was also cast in the movie "Debut", directed by Gene Cajayon. Since then he stayed in the acting business, doing mostly commercials, he was cast in a super bowl Pepsi commercial in 2006, upstage by Janet Jackson braziers malfunction.Lately he has been acting regularly in commercials and feature movies in Hollywood and in the Philippines, he also start producing movies.This 2016, his in commercial titled "Tech Teddy, in. Soectrum Cable TV, he just finish shooting in a movie, " Stateside and Unlovable"

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